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consultancy network of senior professionals

trending: flexibility and diversity 

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New Age Workforce

creating flexible and diverse sharing economy for talent

CLaaS network provides management solutions on flex exec basis to Startups and SMEs

diversity is our core social responsibility initiative

New Age Workforce trends

  • Bespoke contract arrangement (hours, compensation structure, location, etc)
  • Preference for flexibility over financial reward
  • Google generation and gig economy penetrates all industries
  • Creation of sharing economy for talent

Benefits of flex exec

  • Bespoke solution for your business: interim, part-time, project based engagement
  • A contingent and immediately available work force
  • Cost effective: tap into top talent at fraction of the cost
  • Reap the benefits of sharing economy for talent
  • Breaks through geographical limitations


Our Services

  • Senior management solutions on flex exec basis
  • Partner with leadership teams: on demand access to talent, experience and knowledge
  • Discipline focus: COO/Business management/HR, CFO/Controller, CMO/Marketing, Governance /Compliance
  • Coaching, Mentoring, Lifelong learning
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Flex Exec  solution for your business

CLaaS is a network of superior talent. We work with experienced professionals with a proven track record and the utmost integrity


“Ideas are easy, implementation is hard”


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Our clients are forward thinking with evolving and diverse needs. They are looking for the workforce of the future to grow their businesses