We work with you and your HR team to build a comprehensive programme for high performing senior female staff. 

  • CLaaS designed programme helps you grow and retain senior female staff by offering hands on part time advisory roles outside of your organisation
  • Traditional classroom based training proves to be less effective when it comes to measuring success of the employee development
  • In large organisations promotional process requires wide front to back operational experience that may be challenging achieve internally
  • By engaging with CLaaS you achieve your corproate responsibility goals sooner




A programme, designed by CLaaS, connects your employees with startups and SME’s in need of an advisory input on part time flexible basis for their expansion and transtition projects. 

Via CLaaS platform you are awarding your employee with an experience of front to back operations they may not be able to gain internally.

In return, you create a fully rounded professional who will be able to contribute fresh ideas to your corporation. 



CLaaS focuses on diversity and advancement of women to more senior positions. In large organisations women, more so than men, struggle to gain the roles and experience required as next step for promotion. 

Training courses, while emphasising on education of staff, lack approach to provide hands-on experience for your senior staff. 

By participating in CLaaS programme, you build and strengthen diverse senior team with your own organisation. In addition, you boost the retention rates by providing professional growth opportunities to your female staff.


Programme details

CLaaS programme places Director or equivalent staff in C-Level roles at organisations such as startups and SMEs planning their expansion or re-positioning, see Roles We Place for more details.

Programme participant provides part-time onsite or remote support to the leadership teams.

All engagement is assumed to be on part time short term project basis 3-12 months. 

We work with your HR team to design an evaluation schedule that you may use as part of your internal promotion process