The world of flexible working is expanding, we're here to match your talent with growing demand for flex C-level advisory services.

  • CLaaS offers a wide network of startups and SMEs looking for senior leadership talent on flexible terms
  • Our clients are looking for seasoned professionals to bring in C-level expertise to their expansion or transition projects
  • We advocate flex working while making a difference with our executive fleet
  • Apply your management and organisational experience to boost growth of small organisation
  • Harness your entrepreneurial skills while providing hands on support for the founding members
  • Stretch yourself beyond your comfort level
  • See Roles We Place for examples of the opportunities we have available




Our candidates are action hungry professionals who are willing to roll up their sleeves and help leadership team achieve their goals.


Flex working is at the core

At CLaaS, we believe in flex working as future of sharing economy. Our contracts are tailored between employer and you. In general, we are looking at remote or onsite engagement for specific strategic projects required by our clients, ranging from 3 to 12 months.



CLaaS is strong proponent of diversity in the workplace. We believe that all organisations can benefit from wealth of C-level experience offered by our female candidates. 

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