To expand or re-position your operations consider adding gender diversity and C-level advisory to your leadership team.

  • It’s a fact that in successful small businesses the leadership team has a strong focus on C-level disciplines outside of their core business capabilities
  • The flex exec will provide hands on support to firm's founders throughout expansion or change evolution stages
  • By acquiring a part time C-Level executive you get an unlimited tap into their talent at a fraction of the price you would pay for a full time equivalent
  • CLaaS team is here to address your firm’s specific needs. Reach out to us to arrange a meeting and tailor your future C-Level talent solution. 


You business will grow and so will demand for the evolution of your board. 

With CLaaS, our flex exec will be with you every step of the journey. 



We focus on a wide range of roles, whether you need an interim COO to step in and lead a transitional situation, an HR Executive to manage a rapid expansion, or a CFO to get your finances in shape ready to seek funding - we have veteran professionals ready to help.



CLaaS is a diversity focused organisation. We are an evangelist of promoting diverse management teams. It has been widely observed that diverse teams tend to:

  • produce more innovative results
  • show higher returns
  • produce more competitive solutions in the market place