A Changing Workplace: Sharing economy for talent

  • We strive to improve an evolving flexible marketplace by advocating diversity while enriching startups and SMEs access to talent pool
  • We support corporations in advancement of their employee retention rates, education and promotion programmes
  • We are passionate about women's advancement to senior roles
  • We fight the stigma - flex working is the future of employment

Drivers for Change

Changing workforce

The dynamics of the workforce is undergoing major shift. Senior professionals increasingly look for flexibility in location and time, over and above financial reward. Companies are striving for access to a larger talent pool and cost optimisation.


It's not a secret that diversity improves creativity, curbs the risks and generates higher returns for the organisation. The diverse leadership team is better attuned to demands of the marketplace and internal operational requirements. We believe that only those organisations will succeed in the future that are governed by a balanced and diverse management team of visionaires.   


Conventional industries are being disrupted repeatedly as emerging technology creates startup after startup.  The composition of new organisations is often represented by young, male, hero-culture profiles  and overall team lacks rounded experience.


Building a successful business requires more than one person, and more than one field of expertise.  Frequently, startups focus on their core skills, without recognising that operational, legal and financial governance is just as important if they want to expand their business, monetise the idea and implement a robust enterprise. 

The corporate fast-track

Large companies are keen to promote women quickly up the ranks as they recognise the value of gender diversity, yet making that step from management to leadership requires personal development often found outside the candidates' current roles.

Fighting the stigma of flex working

Flexible work arrangements have been traditionally stigmatised and viewed as an employee perk. Unfortunately, in many instances, women have been the target of that phenomenon, especially when going through life events. We see enormous benefit that startups and SMEs can gain from employing flex workers in senior roles. Our goal is to break the stigma and help our clients to rip the benefit of the changing marketplace!  


Ideas are easy, implementation is hard
— Guy Kawasaki, Alltop Co-Founder and Entrepreneur


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